FMCA Sponsorship Program

There are so many kids with potential to succeed in chess. But the resources just are not there. This program is designed to change this narrative. In many cases only one parent is at home to carry the whole load. We are in touch with thousands of these kids. For example, the Mattapan Young Achievers School in the underserved community of Mattapan, MA, has a teacher Edward Sumpter who has taught over 10,000 kids to learn chess as a curriculum for the past 20 years. A good number of these kids have real potential to be chess stars. They just don’t have the resources.

What we have discovered is that just $1000 a year can give a kid resources for chess training at our Academy which includes chess equipment and chess books. It will also allow them to play one or two tournaments a month to keep them active and registered with the United States Chess Federation.

We have tried this formula already and we were able to help a player obtain an expert level chess rating. In fact, she was just 200 points away from becoming the first black female chess master ever in the US. Her name is Janell Warner and her story is on our coaches page.

Would you like to sponsor a kid?

Below are the kids we can match you with.

We will allow you to follow their progress.

Nehemiah (10 years old)

Interests: Chess and Basketball

Chess Use: Improve cognitive skills like memory, planning, and problem-solving.

Future Aspirations: Continue to play chess and become a chess master.


Cameron Harris (15 years old)

Interests: Chess, Games, Basketball

Chess Use: Thinking, logical reasoning, and enjoyment.

Future Aspirations: I would love to continue playing chess, and/or some form of engineering.


Rolls Gentillon (15 years old)

Interests: Chess, Programming, Thinking, Basketball, Idealism

Chess Use: Thinking, logical reasoning, and enjoyment

Future Aspirations: Inspirational figure, chess streaming


Sunset Martin (14 years old)

Interests: Reading, chess, going to the gym

Chess Use: For focus and to better calculate variations

Future Aspirations: Becoming a skilled chess master and anesthesiologist


Ryan Cordero (13 years old)

Interests: Chess, Video Games, Sports

Chess Use: Improve strategical thinking.

Future Aspirations: To have a successful career and to be a dentist.

Antoine Jamison (13 years old)

Interests: Chess, Basketball, Track, Football

Chess Use: Enjoyment

Future Aspirations: Play football professionally.

Kaviana Belony (15 years old)

Interests: History, chess, outdoor activities

Chess Use: Memory, problem solving, tactical and critical thinking

Future Aspirations: Air traffic controller

Chris Permental (13 years old)

Interests: Chess

Chess Use: Strategical thinking

Future Aspirations: To have a nice and wealthy family.

Janell Warner
Chess Coach

Janell started chess at the age of 10. She struggled initially with the game. However despite the struggles and discouragement she persisted and continued to study and play consistently at tournaments. Janell saw the rewards of her hard work when she ended up in third place at the Super Nationals in the under 1000 section. After this her motivation was higher to learn more about the depths of the game and see how far she could go. At a certain point she realized that she could become the first African American female chess master. In college her resources plummeted and she thought she would have to give up her dream. FMCA saw her potential and has provided the resources for her to continue. Janell was so grateful of the help from FMCA that she felt the need to give back to the students of FMCA. She was the President of the Brandeis University Chess Club until she graduated.

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