There is a 10% discount for siblings

We have a high standard for our students.  This is why we have one of the most intensive and successful programs in Massachusetts.  Therefore we require our members to do three things:

  1. Make as many classes as possible (We realize this is not always possible for parents with busy schedules)
  2. Play in as many tournaments as possible to get competition experience
  3. Analyze games played and submit to coaches Monthly

Yes, we encourage parents to observe their children at play and possibly you’ll learn how to castle a king!

We recommend at least two, we have monthly tournaments of our own that we highly encourage our students to participate in.  Click here to checkout our tournament page.

Class size ranges between 10-20, however, to keep the standard high we have a ratio of 10 Students to 1 Coach. We have an advanced class of only 6 students.

Ah, ha! We knew we would get this question.  The answer is we specialize in working with students with various abilities and ratings.  We split up classes according to their level at appropriate times.  For more on this, see “our process” page.

Ooooh the money question….Click here to pay.

Yes we do!  This is one of our favorite ways to interact with students.  We can coach no matter where you are.  Grab the sun tan lotion and your chess board 🙂 Learn more about online lessons by clicking here!

What…you don’t like ours? We have a few resources for you that we highly endorse:

  • (obviously)

Sure, we have spent much time on creating an accurate level system.  Here are the levels and what that means for you:

Beginner 0-500
Intermediate 500-1200
Advanced 1200-1800
Premier 1800-2000
Master 2000-2200