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My rating plateaued at expert level for about twenty years. If I studied hard and played a lot I could fight my way to 2140. Then life would get busy and I’d drop 100 points. Future Chess Masters Academy coaching and development methodology helped me play more accurately, objectively, and consistently to finally break through to master—at the age of 51.
– Alan

Our son Shouri has benefited tremendously from being involved in chess through FMCA. He started attending classes at age 8 and has made such rapid progress not only in chess but in general, with his focus and decision-making. He has won many trophies at local tournaments, won the State school team championship (Hurvitz cup) and awards at the National Elementary Blitz Championship, 2019 and is one of the top 8 year old players in the State and in the top 100 in the country. We are very happy with the FMCA Chess community and believe the unique teaching and organization at FMCA has contributed significantly to our sons growth.

“If there was one word to talk about FMCA, it would be “inspiring”. They have inspired all of their students to work hard, to try their best and most importantly, to find the courage to make bold choices in chess. As parents, we are inspired by their passion for chess and for teaching. Thank you for all your hard work and great dedication”

“Before FMCA we did not realize the importance of consistent tournament play and analysis  of ones games. In less than two years, Leonard went from under 1000 to being nationally ranked at near 1800. FMCA provides a much needed chess community for our son. “
Though they are quite different, each of my two boys has benefited from FMCA instruction. My elder son loves competition and is by nature confident in his decisions.  FMCA teaches a process for considering the situation from many different viewpoints, instruction that has helped him avoid fixating on options that win the battle but lose the war.  Over time, this will teach him a patience valuable well beyond chess.
My younger son enjoys puzzles of all kinds and prefers to observe first before allowing himself to do something.  He sat on my lap at class for a few weeks watching his brother before he could no longer contain himself and shouted out the answer to a chess puzzle.  The standard 1 to 2-hour games appeal to the creativity that chess breeds, allowing him to consider many options.  And FMCA gentle but firm approach embracing both winning AND losing have helped him cope with the enormous pressure he puts on himself – developing a resilience to mistakes and gradually building a confidence built on reality.
As a parent and as a Coach at the FMCA academy, I get enormous satisfaction out of seeing the real-time development all the students make.  Parents do not have to be chess masters to see ways of thinking that will help their children approach the game better and, as a result, life better

FCMA has been the perfect fit for our son Frankie.  FMCA’s coaching has helped him dramatically improve his chess game as well as help him strategize and deal with life’s challenges.  Since joining FCMA Frankie has gained life skills, confidence and a community of friends.  He is thriving by engaging in his passion and consistently improving his chess game.  FMCA takes a hands on approach from strategic preparation through tournaments. Since joining FMCA Frankie has increased his rating by 500 points in a years time. His rating is now 2000 and he is a proud Junior Coach of FMCA.

2021 Spiegel Cup Qualifiers

2019 Elementary State Champions

2019 Team: Shouri M , Jeremy W, Aditya P, and Shreyas P

Summer 2023 Rising Stars

David Jette – Top player under 7 years old; youngest to win our FMCA under 1500 section tournament

Franklin Lewis – Our first Expert of the Academy. He says: When you analyze you don’t just learn about the game, you learn about yourself.

Tommy Kozlek – Over 1500 Top 10 player in the country age 7 and under.

2024 Rising Stars

Devansh Vellanki, National Champion, Grade K-1, April 2024