Chess 101

To master the game of chess students must understand the key elements of the game. There are seven:

  1. Material—The force of the pieces and the most permanent of the elements. Understanding the value of the various chess pieces leads to controlling the next element, space.
  2. Space—The amount of squares a player controls especially center squares. By controlling space on the chess board you can control the next element, time.
  3. Time—The amount of pieces you have out in play. The more pieces in play the greater time you have to make effective moves to gain position.

4. Position—The position of the all chess pieces. The quality of the position can add up to more than actual material gained or lost. The better position your pieces are in creates a harmony for effective game play.

5. Harmony—How the pieces work together. Understanding the role our chess pieces play in our band invariably creates dynamic game play.

6. Dynamics—In short, tactics. Combinations are the spice in chess and utilizing various tactics allows students to understand their own as well as their opponents’ psychological tactics.

7. Psychology—Your pattern of thinking and your opponents thus enabling you to predict behavioral patterns on and off the chessboard.

To learn our process it takes time, but don’t despair. We meet you where you are and can take you where you want to go

“Before FMCA we did not realize the importance of consistent tournament play and the analysis game, in less than two years Leonard went from under 1000 rating to being nationally ranked at near 1800 rating.  FMCA provides a much needed chess community for our son.”

– Latanya S

But I’m a beginner, Your program is too advanced for me

Think again, we specialize in working with beginners like you, just like we do working with masters.  Here’s how we ensure your success in class:

We segment our classes into strength of play.  So if you are a beginner you will be learning alongside fellow novices.  If you are a more advanced player, we will ramp it up and push your limits.

The advantage? Our chess community is supportive and enriched with learning.  As our more advanced players get stronger, they reach across the board and bring the newer players with them.  Providing observational help, game analysis and competitive play.

Our process improves critical thinking, patience, focus and decision making.