Next Level (800-1400)

Our Next Level class is for students approaching a live rating of 1000 or more. This program goes deeper into the Positional, Tactical, and harmony aspects of chess. Students who qualify for this class are very serious in their chess play, study, learning, and analysis. They spend on average 1 hour per day on chess. These students all play on regularly. We teach them how to analyze their games and their opponent games.

Some of these students are the best in the State and some are even nationally ranked.

In this class we go deeper into their Opening, Middle and Endgame understanding and analysis. They are challenged by their classmates and coaches. We have special master coaches that visit and lecture. We prepare these advanced students for the State and National Chess Championships.

These students also participate in our online Friday evening league which consists of 30-40 very competitive players.

Included in our Next Level Membership

  • 2 live classes with Master Coaches
  • Online league class
  • Special guest speakers
  • Price: $239 monthly

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