Future Master (1400-Master)

This program is for those who have reached a level of 1400 or more. They are our Junior Coaches. This level aims to progress our students to the top 5% as experts a rating of 2000, and some to the top 1% of all chess players in the world as masters.

This is our most intensive program and includes all classes, private classes, and master training games. We have special guests including Grandmaster lessons. This program focuses on deep positional and tactical aspects of chess. It goes into the critical psychological parts of chess. We believe better thinking leads to better chess play.

It is at this level that the mind transformation is clear both on and off the chessboard.

It is also at this level that students can qualify to become Youth Coaches. The requirements are they must have a minimal rating of 1800 or be at least 15 years old and above 1500.

This is great for resumes to enter the best schools and for college resumes.

We have a Youth Coach Program that can lead to a paid position within our Academy.

We really are producing future leaders and future masters on and off the chessboard.

Future Masters Class includes:

  • All live classes and online league
  • 2 hours of advanced private classes
  • Grandmaster lessons
  • All FMCA Tournaments

Cost:1 child $339 monthly (2nd child $305.10 monthly)

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